Argand Automated Energy Billing

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Argand Automated Energy Billing

Are you getting the run around?

If you were to individually monitor and bill each of your employees for their telephone usage, think of the time spent locating staff, collating usage and tariff information before raising an invoice. No one does that, so why when it comes to the billing of energy do so many of us still run around to manually read meters and collate data?


The best ideas are simple…

Argand is now automatically reading energy data via the Argand Lenz software for processing through its automatic-billing app. The solution is both simple and flexible: we monitor the energy generated or consumed and use the tariff or power purchase agreement to calculate the bill. We can even send invoices to your customers on your behalf. As the whole process runs in real time there is no delay; Auto Billing does all the running on your behalf, which leaves you free to concentrate on other priorities.


It’s all about efficiency…

Fraser Durham, Argand Solutions: “We are familiar with the pressures on margins, so with this product we’ve concentrated on efficiency by removing the time taken to travel to and manually record meter data as well as the need to raise and chase invoices. Argand collects the data, provides the analysis and the billing, all in real time. We have automated the whole process”.


Find out more…

Argand solves complex energy problems. Bring your meter reading and billing into the 21st century by calling us on 01803 864706.

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